CoColor: Interactive Exploration of Color Designs

IUI 2023
  • Lena Hegemann
  • Niraj Ramesh Dayama
  • Abhishek Iyer
  • Erfan Farhadi
  • Ekaterina Marchenko
  • Antti Oulasvirta

Choosing colors is a pivotal but challenging component of graphic design. The paper presents an intelligent interaction technique supporting designers' creativity in color design. It fills a gap in the literature by proposing an integrated technique for color exploration, assignment, and refinement: CoColor. Our design goals were 1) let designers focus on color choice by freeing them from pixel-level editing and 2) support rapid flow between low- and high-level decisions. Our interaction technique utilizes three steps - choice of focus, choice of suitable colors, and the colors' application to designs - wherein the choices are interlinked and computer-assisted, thus supporting divergent and convergent thinking. It considers color harmony, visual saliency, and elementary accessibility requirements. The technique was incorporated into the popular design tool Figma and evaluated in a study with 16 designers. Participants explored the coloring options more easily with CoColor and considered it helpful.


All material is open for anyone to use


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Hegemann, L., Dayama, N. R., Iyer, A., Farhadi, E., Marchenko, E., Oulasvirta, A., 2019. CoColor: Interactive Exploration of Color Designs. IUI 2023.

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