Student research project papers (Research Project in HCI, Spring 2018)

The grande finale of Research Project in Human-Computer Interaction (ELEC-E7861) took place yesterday, when five students presented their results to faculty and involved companies.

  • Foveated graphics for cloud gaming (Thomas van Gemert)
  • Modeling thermostat use as a POMDP (Ville Ojaniemi)
  • Learnability issues in a video conferencing tool (Viet Ba Mai)
  • Recognizing native language from keystroke patterns (Yunfei Xue)
  • Detecting disobedience from children’s voice (Jiaqi Zhang)


This is a semester-long project course for HCI students at Aalto University, targeting those who interested in academic careers and R&D positions in the industry. Students carry out an end-to-end project in interaction with a real customer and report it in the format of a SIGCHI article. Weekly meetings drill in to formulation of research problems, user research methods, design space and task analysis, sketching techniques, model-based analysis of interface designs, research planning, research strategy, experimental design and statistical inference,  data analysis and visualization methods, as well as “soft skills” like scientific writing, presentations, and debates. Project topics come from the Finnish ICT industry, the public sector, and research groups in the Helsinki area. This year, our company partners were Futurice, Elisa, and F-Secure.


The papers can be accessed from here