Postdoc positions: FCAI

Postdoc and PhD student positions in machine learning, Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence


Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI; is looking for exceptional doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to tackle complex and exciting problems in the field of machine learning. Come and join us to create the Real AI that is data-efficient, trustworthy and understandable!

FCAI brings together the world-class expertise of Aalto University and the University of Helsinki in AI research, strengthened further with an extensive set of companies and public sector partners, creating an attractive, world-class ICT hub in Helsinki metropolitan area.

Our research agenda is spearheaded by 5 research programs with multiple research groups involved in each. We are currently hiring doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in the following FCAI research programs and the detailed projects listed below.  


Research programs:

1.      Agile probabilistic AI. Keywords: Probabilistic programming; Robust and automated Bayesian machine learning

2.      Simulator-based inference: Approximate Bayesian Computation ABC; likelihood-free inference; Generative adversarial networks (GAN); applications in many fields including medicine, materials design, visualization, business, …

3.      Next generation data-efficient deep learning; including deep reinforcement learning

4.      Privacy-preserving and secure AI: Privacy-preserving machine learning; differential privacy; adversarial machine learning

5.      Interactive AI: Interactive machine learning; probabilistic inference of cognitive models from data; probabilistic programming for behavioral sciences


Specific projects:

6.     Constraint-Based Optimization and Machine Learning

7.     Probabilistic Machine Learning

8.     Probabilistic machine learning for personalized medicine

9.     Probabilistic modeling and machine learning for bioinformatics

10.   Non-parametric probabilistic machine learning

11.   Bioinformatics and computational biology

12.   Computational HCI

13.   Privacy-preserving federated machine learning

14.   Probabilistic user modelling in interactive human-in-the-loop machine learning


Deadline for doctoral students: August 12, 2018. Postdoc applications received by August 12, 2018 will receive full treatment.


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