PhD and postdoc positions

Postdoc and PhD student positions in machine learning and AI (19 funded positions)
Join us to work on a new forms of machine intelligence at the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI. We have several exciting topics available – your work can be theoretical or applied, or both. We are looking for both postdocs and PhD students. HCI applicants with competence in ML and AI are strongly encouraged to apply. Feel free to drop me (Antti Oulasvirta) an email to ask more.
The HCI-related topics in this call are:
F1: AI-assisted design F5: Computational rationality F10: Explainable AI for virtual laboratories F11: Foundation models for interactive computing F12: Interactive AI using multimodal communication F13: Language-empowered world models for RL F16: Multi-agent RL for collaborative AI F18: Sustainability in computing F19: Workflows for better priors
See the call page for a full list of topics:
Who we are
Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI is an international research hub initiated by Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT. We are a part of the pan-European ELLIS AI network – we host ELLIS Unit Helsinki and coordinate the European network of AI excellence centers ELISE. FCAI is built on a long track record of pioneering machine learning research. Currently, over 60 professors contribute to our research.
We create methods and tools for AI-assisted decision-making, design and modeling, and use them to renew industry and society. Our researchers have access to excellent computing facilities through local and national computational services, spearheaded by the EuroHPC supercomputer LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in Europe. Our community organizes frequent seminars, e.g., Machine Learning Coffee Seminar and Seminar on Advances in Probabilistic Machine Learning. We offer high-quality collaboration opportunities with other leading research networks and companies. For instance, FCAI has a joint research center with NVIDIA and Finnish IT Centre for Science CSC, and collaborates closely with the Alan Turing Institute.
Your profile
You hold (or expect to shortly receive) a PhD (for postdoctoral applicants) or Master’s degree (for PhD student applicants) in computer science, statistics, electrical engineering, mathematics or a related field. If you don’t have a PhD/Master’s degree at the time of the application, please submit a plan of completion. Experienced postdoctoral applicants can be considered for research fellow positions, typically having previously worked successfully as a postdoctoral fellow for several years. The positions require the ability to work both independently and as a part of a team in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment. Any position-specific requirements are stated in the topic descriptions.
Research environment
FCAI’s research mission is to create new types of AI that are data-efficient, trustworthy, and understandable. We work towards this by building AI systems capable of helping their users make better decisions and design sustainable solutions across a range of tasks from health applications to autonomous traffic. You will join a community of researchers who all make important contributions to our common agenda, providing each other new ideas, complementary methods, and attractive case studies. Your research can be theoretical, applied, or both. You will be part of a broader team of researchers studying similar topics, mentored by a group of experienced professors. Our research environment provides you with a broad range of possibilities to work with companies and academic partners, and supports your growth as a researcher. FCAI, host of ELLIS Unit Helsinki, is a salient part of the pan-European ELLIS network, which further strengthens our collaboration with other leading machine learning researchers in Europe. In addition, our local and national computational services give our researchers access to excellent computing facilities, spearheaded by the EuroHPC supercomputer LUMI, the third fastest in the world.
Job details
The positions are based either at Aalto University or at the University of Helsinki. All positions are fully funded, and the salaries are based on the Finnish universities’ pay scale. The contract includes occupational healthcare. Postdoc positions are typically made for up to three years. Following the standard practice in the departments, the PhD position contract will be made initially for two years, then extended to another two years after a successful mid-term progress review. Starting dates are flexible. All positions are negotiated on an individual basis and may include e.g. a relocation bonus, an independent travel budget or research software engineering support.
We are strongly committed to offering everyone an inclusive and non-discriminating working environment. We warmly welcome qualified candidates from all backgrounds to apply and particularly encourage applications from women and other underrepresented groups in the field.
About Finland
Finland is a great place for living with or without family: it is a safe, politically stable, and well-organized Nordic society, where equality is highly valued and extensive social security supports people in all life situations.
Finland’s free high-quality education system is also internationally renowned. Finland has been listed as the happiest country in the world for the fifth year running.
How to apply?
The deadline for the postdoc/research fellow applications is on January 15 and for the PhD student applications on January 29, 2023. Please send your application to our recruitment system, links below.