Master’s Level Courses

New HCI Major at Aalto University

Our brand new Masters-level Major in Human-Computer Interaction starts in Fall, 2018.

Studies in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) prepare future experts and leaders who use advanced methodology to design and develop information technology for the benefit of people. The studies (120 ECTS credits) consist of a major subject studies, Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) and elective studies (25-35 ECTS). The Human-Computer Interaction major is available in two forms, short and long. The short major (40-45 ECTS) includes a minor subject (20-25 ECTS). In the long major (55-65 ECTS), a student chooses courses from the course offerings available in the CCIS.

EIT Digital International Master’s

We also participate in the international EIT Digital Master’s programme HCID:

Doctoral Schools