Assistant position in our group (Aalto students only)

For Aalto students:


In case you’re interested in computational interaction and have taken ML/DL courses, we’re looking for a salaried assistant / intern! A great position to truly learn these methods and develop valuable skills. About half of our internship projects lead to academic publications. Some of our former interns have gone to PhD positions in top places like ETH Zurich and EPFL. Occasionally we also have fun.


Working hours are 30-50% and flexible. Possibility to expand to a Master’s thesis project. You’d work under the supervision of our new postdoc Luis Leiva, starting in January. Topics and more information below:


* Research topic:


Deep learning methods in computational design of user interfaces, including methods in

– Generative Deep Learning models: VAEs, GANs, GMMNs.

– Sequence classification with neural networks.


* Candidate requirements:


– Strong programming skills, preferably in Python and/or JavaScript.

– Proficient in statistics.

– Comfortable with the Linux/Mac command line.

– Familiar with the Git version-control system.


* Short bio of the supervisor:


Luis A. Leiva holds two undergraduate engineering degrees, an MsC in

mobile communications, and a PhD in computer science. Before joining

the User Interfaces group at Aalto university, he worked as CTO at

Sciling, an SME agency specialized in providing machine learning

solutions. Previously he worked as postdoctoral researcher and

principal investigator of the PRHLT Research Center at the Universitat

Politècnica de València, Spain. His research interests lie at the

intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning. He is

currently conducting data-driven interaction research, i.e., working

with and informing decisions based on data in order to support novel

interaction models or improve existing ones.


* Photo:


* Contact: > Send your CV, brief statement of interest, and portfolio.