Group leader:

Post-doctoral researchers:

Doctoral students:

Project researchers:

  • MSc. Kseniia Belorustceva: Front-end developer, self-optimizing web layouts

Research assistants:

  • Olli Savisaari: Experimental research
  • Samuli De Pascale: Software development, experimental research

Master students:

  • Vivek Dhakal: Modeling typing performance and strategies
  • Johanna Schacht: Adaptive design optimization
  • Sara Väätäjä: Emotional impact in learning



  • Dr. Byungjoo Lee: Mechanical engineering, modeling, input devices
  • Dr. Eve Hoggan: smart material, novel interaction techniques and feedback
  • Dr. MSc. Kumaripaba Athukorala: Information search
  • Dr. Mathieu Nancel: Target acquisition, interaction with large displays, mid-air interaction
  • Dr. Daryl Weir: Machine learning, modeling, touch
  • Kashyap Todi (Hasselt Uni.): Improving Interface Layouts