Group leader:

Post-doctoral researchers:

  • Dr. Jussi P.P. Jokinen: Emotion in HCI and cognitive user modelling
  • Dr. Niraj Dayama: Combinatorial optimization, system analysis and design
  • Dr. Sunjun Kim: Interaction design, touch interfaces

Doctoral students:

  • MSc. Anna Feit: Optimization, text entry, gestures
  • MSc. Janin Koch: Interaction design, interactive design optimization
  • MSc. Morteza Shiripour: Optimization of interaction techniques and input methods

Project researchers:

  • MSc. Kseniia Belorustceva: Front-end developer, self-optimizing web layouts

Research assistants:

  • Olli Savisaari: Experimental research
  • Samuli De Pascale: Software development, experimental research

Master students:

  • Vivek Dhakal: Modeling typing performance and strategies
  • Johanna Schacht: Adaptive design optimization
  • Sara Väätäjä: Emotional impact in learning